Deceptively Simple Web-Based Decision Aids

Critical thinking is often defined in terms of the set of skills and attitudes related to appropriate belief formation. But typically having the right beliefs is something pursued as part of an attempt to make good decisions. Ultimately, good decisions and appropriate belief formation are tightly related, and both are part of the study of critical thinking.

Here’s a website designed to help you make decisions: Something Pop. The site essentially helps you apply weightings to various factors that go into making a decision. Some will see this as a way of making sure the factors you value really get applied to a decision. Others will see it as a way of seeing the implications of the values you think you hold, with the possibility of revising them. Either way, it’s interesting.

Of course, you can also flip a coin. Of course, you generally don’t want to let random chance determine your actions. But, as an old saying goes, once the coin is in the air, you’ll suddenly find yourself acutely aware of what you’re wishing for. And if you don’t have a coin handy (after all, who carries change these days?) here’s a website to help you: Flip a Coin.


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