This is a site about critical thinking for business students. It is written by me, Prof. Chris MacDonald. For about a decade, I taught critical thinking (as a philosophy course) to a broad range of undergraduate students. I now teach at a business school, where I teach courses on business decision making and on ethics. I’m also co-author of The Power of Critical Thinking, 3rd Canadian Edn.


This blog is for “students” of business in the broad sense — undergraduates, MBA students, and anyone else who simply wants to think and learn a bit more about the role of critical thinking in the world of commerce.

In my view, becoming a good critical thinker involves 3 key components, each of which will be dealt with on this blog:

1) Adopting a suitably critical attitude.
2) Learning some skills and the application of some tools.
3) Opportunities to practice 1 and 2 above.


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