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Biases That Infest Your Work

This piece about cognitive biases is useful:
7 Overlooked Biases That Creep Into Your Work (And Undermine Its Success), by Janet Mesh

The article gives good, non-technical explanations of:

1. Self-serving Bias
2. Survivorship Bias
3. Confirmation Bias
4. Anchoring Bias
5. Bandwagon Bias
6. The Planning Fallacy
7. The Bias Blind Spot

My only complaint is the headline: there’s nothing really “overlooked” about cognitive biases (a lot has been written about them). And they don’t really “creep” into your work—more like they infest it through and through, from the very beginning. And that’s all the more reason to read this.

Mesh’s 3 bits of advice:

  • Practice honest self-criticism and reflection
  • Will yourself to think in a specific way [this one’s a bit vague]
  • Diversify your team